Badge Buddy Bundle

Introducing our Badge Buddy Bundle for Labor and Delivery Registered Nurses! With a sleek design and handy features, this badge card is perfect for professionals in obstetrics and newborn care. It conveniently displays a quick reference in fetal monitoring, interventions, NRP, and hemorrhage. Stay organized and stylish with this must-have accessory for healthcare providers at the bedside!

Badge #1:
FRONT: newborn vitals, APGAR scoring and SpO2 targets
BACK: 8th edition NRP algorithm

Badge #2:
FRONT: obstetric/post-partum hemorrhage stages with definitions and interventions
BACK: hemorrhage medications with their dose, contraindication and side effects

Badge #3:
FRONT: fetal heart rate baseline, categories, definitions and guidelines
BACK: deceleration types and their definitions

Badge #4:
FRONT: fetal heart rate category definitions and interventions
BACK: deceleration patterns

Cards are made of high quality PVC plastic allowing it to be durable, wipeable and free of tears and fading.

Standard badge size (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches).

Can be attached to lanyards, badge reels or standard badge clips.
Additional discounts are available for bulk orders.
Send a message prior to placing the order.

The badges are the size of a standard badge (credit card). If you wear contacts or glasses and have difficulty reading, be aware that there is a lot of information on a small card, which is printed in a small font.

Devices and settings may have varying saturations of color on screen compared to in person.

These are wipeable to disinfect in the healthcare setting, however, ensure that you allow the badge to completely dry to prevent transferring of color to your other badges.

Badge information follows AWHONN, ACOG, NICHD Nomenclature, 8th Edition AHA NRP guidelines, depending on the badge subject.

Ensure you refer back to and follow your facilities policies, as these are for reference and educational purposes only.